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LB Physiotherapy Care


C. Wilson

Former Patient

“Thank you so much Lawrence for being so thorough with your investigations and treatment. I have complete faith in your  treatment skills!" 

E. Morris

Former Patient

"I do want to express my gratitude for all that you’ve done. In fact I can go so far as to say that it’s been life changing and I’m always singing your praises."

E. Walton

Former Patient

“Polite always listened to my concerns regarding my back pain and helped me self-manage much more effectively than any treatments I previously had received ”

M. Stewart

Former Patient

"I am very impressed by the quality of care offered by Mr Baker. I had several injuries and he provided me with a comprehensive plan of treatment to help me get back on my feet again and to start my cycle racing again with zest!  Many thanks”

Andre Jackowski 

FRCS Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon 

“I think Mr Baker should be particularly congratulated on his astute clinical diagnosis in his prompt identification of my patient’s very serious problem. His intervention enabled early treatment for a potentially dangerous clinical condition“

J. Willis

Former Patient

“I had a very complex neck problem and  dizziness bought on by previous whiplash injuries and he helped not just treat my problem highly effectively but also got the diagnosis right from the start”

A. Reeves

Former Patient

“His expert manual therapy helped manipulate my spine to restore movement and I have been pain free for the first time in years ”

V. Glazzard

Former Patient

"Thank you for your care and expertise during my treatments. You have made such a difference to my daily life. I am so pleased that our paths crossed again. No doubt I shall be seeing you again some time in the future"

(Email available on request)

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